Get Started with Crystal Reports

  • Obtain Crystal Reports

  • Configure the ODBC connection

  • Connect to your Sage Timberline Office database

  • Open a report and work with data fields

Plan and Design a Report

  • Set Crystal Reports options

  • Evaluate report specifications and plan the report

  • Create a new report and use the Database Expert

  • Add fields, formatting, and graphical elements to the report

Setting Criteria and Data Relationships

  • Use the Select Expert

  • Set criteria on the report

  • Link tables

  • Set join types correctly

Sorting, Grouping, and Summaries

  • Sort data on the report

  • Group report information

  • Add group totals and grand totals

  • Add running totals

Working with Formulas

  • Create a formula using correct syntax

  • Understand order of precedence and syntax rules

  • Check formulas for errors

  • Copy and delete formulas

Functions and Special Characters

  • Add functions to formulas

  • Understand data type issues

  • Use functions to convert data types

Formatting Fields and Sections

  • Suppress zero values

  • Format fields conditionally (according to their value)

  • Change section formatting

  • Format sections conditionally

  • Suppress records conditionally 

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