Conflict with Sage 300 and Data Link Viewer

I was recently alerted to a new issue with Sage 300 Timberline Office versions 14 and 15. If you have either of these versions installed and you later install Data Link Viewer from Millet Software, Crystal Reports will no longer print from within Sage 300. You are likely to get an error message stating that the "report is not a valid Crystal Report".

For many years I've had clients use Data Link Viewer along side Sage 300 without issue but now that both Sage and Data Link Viewer are using .net framework files from SAP Crystal there versions conflict. Sage 300 version 14 & 15 seem to be installing an older version update 2. Data Link Viewer installs a new version with update 15, three versions newer. Sage doesn't recognize this version and therefore cannot print Crystal Reports.

If you find yourself in this situation it will be nessessary for you to uninstall the .net framework from SAP and install the older version. If however you want to use Data Link Viewer you'll want to install the older Crystal XI version. It will work without issue within a Sage 300 enviroment. Please contact me if you find your self having this issue and you want additional help.

Products from Millet Software such as Data Link Viewer and Visual Cut are some of the best products I recomment and I don't want this to scare anyone off. We just need to install the correct version to get along with Sage. By the way Visual Cut does not conflict with Sage as it doesn't envoke the .net framework files.

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