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So Glad You're Here!  My name is David Hardy

I've been in the software business for over 25 years. Though I was originally a general consultant for Sage 300 (Formerly known as Timberline), I eventually specialized in data analysis through the use of reporting tools.  For several years while an employee of Sage, I traveled the US, Canada and Australia training both Sage consultants and customers interested in learning Crystal Reports and other reporting tools.  I am extremely lucky to have visited some amazing places and have had the honor of meeting equally amazing people.  Along the way, I've taught many clients how to build reports that give them the answers they need.  In other cases, I've built those reports for them.  In either case, its very satisfying to see their joy when they finally get the answers they need, allowing them to make better business decisions in a timely manner.  Each year I am a key presenter at TUG (Timberlane Users Conference) where I teach the majority of all Crystal and SQL courses.  Since leaving Sage employment back in 2006 and starting Progressive Reports I've continued to travel and teach.  We now offer training and reporting services for Viewpoint Vista and Spectrum as well Sage 300.  I've had similar experiences with Viewpoint Vista & Spectrum having taught at their conference and been onsite with clients helping them too unlock their data.  


I have a Bachelors in Finance and in a former life I was a Bond Trader and a Bank Manager.  But then I saw the light and got into Software.  

when I'm not writing reports or training others to do so you can often find me with a camera in hand hiking through the Western United States looking for the perfect photo.  I seem to do more looking than finding but it's a great way to relax and let go.  If you visit this website regularly you'll see many of my photos.  Please don't judge me too harshly, it's my hobby, not my day job. 

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