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Beyond the Basics

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Course length



4 Hours

6/9/21, 5:00 PM

Beyond the Basics


David Hardy

About the course

Course Outline
• Quick Review of the Basics
• Configure the ODBC connection
• Connect to your Sage 300 CRE database
• Criteria, Grouping
• Data Relationships (Linking)
• Link Tables
• Set join types correctly
• Understanding how Joins effect what data is returned
• Parameters, Charts & Graphs
• Add a parameter to a report
• Control the display of data based on a parameter’s value
• Add a graph to a report
• Working with Formulas
• Create a formula using correct syntax
• Understand order of precedence and syntax rules
• Check formulas for errors
• Copy and delete formulas
• Functions & Special Characters
• Add functions to formulas
• Understand data type issues
• Use functions to convert data types
• Formatting Fields & Sections
• Format fields conditionally
• Change section formatting
• Format sections conditionally
• Suppress records conditionally
• Cross Tabs
• Creating Cross tab reports
• Summarizing the detail into meaningful summaries

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