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Progressive Reports has been serving the Construction and Real Estate Software market for more than 15 years.  We offer Report Writing services along with training so you can do your own reports.  We've built custom reports for thousands of customers and trained many thousands more over the years.  We teach at global conferences each year and always received high marks for quality reports and superb training.  

We believe you only take the time to enter your data into a accounting and project based software for one reason.  That reason, is to get it back out.  If you can't get the reports, forms, documents etc. out when you need to, in a form that makes sense and allows for quick and decision making, then why are you putting it in that software to start.  Progressive Reports mission is to help you get the answers.  We build reports and forms that get you what you want, Professional looking, accurate and timely documents.  Never again feel the need to retype data into a spreadsheet or document because you can't get it out of your software package.  Let us help you retrieve the answers that lie within your data.   


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My name is David Hardy, I am the owner of Progressive Reports. I've been writing reports for over 20 years.  My passion is training others to write their own reports.  My not so secret other passion is landscape photography.  See some of my recent photos on Instagram below. 


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    I know I know...Crystal Reports XI is so old.  But did you know, there are literally thousands of companies still using this version?  For so many of us, this version was the best version yet.  On a personal note, I'm not ashamed to say, I know George Peck (the author) and he is an excellent writer when it comes to explaining Crystal topics.  And this is his best book!

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