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Highlighting Expert the easy way to point things out!

For years I avoided, didn't think about, basically forgot about the Highlighting Expert in Crystal Reports. It's been around for years and years. Only in the past few years have I begun to use it more and include it in my classes.

The Highlighting Expert is an easy yet powerful tool that allows you to change the font, background, border, and most importantly the color of any field you pick. I think of this tool as an easy way to bring attention to numbers and fields that either for good or bad reasons need to standout. You may want to bring attention to low gross profits numbers on a Job Cost report. Perhaps you want to highlight employees who were paid using the wrong department or phase code. Maybe an Income Statement where the monthly actual value is way off the budget number and therefore deserves attention.

Any Crystal Report you write for any database you use can take advantage of the Highlighting Expert. Below find a short video where I demonstrate just how easy, yet powerful this tool can be.


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